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Silky Rain Impact

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been integral part of our business. We believe that it is our duty to protect and promote environmental sustainability  and we have taken every step to protect the mother earth through our various initiatives. 

  • Re-forestation projects

Starting from new financial year 2020/2021, 2% of our sales go towards re-forestation projects around the world. 

  • Natural Ingredients

We use natural ingredients from mother earth and we are cruelty free. We use natural soy and palm wax for our candles and for our fragrance we use essential oils sourced trusted suppliers. Our specialty is making candles using natural recycled coconut shells.  

All our products are environment friendly and purchasing our products means that you are part of  our mission of creating a greener world for our future generation. Check out our premium coconut soy candle.


Silky Rain 

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